Forgetting to turn cookers or heaters off

Forgetting to turn cookers or heaters off

Leaving a cooker or heater on unattended can result in a fire. About 600 individuals die in house fires each year in the UK. It is usually recommended not to install smoke alarms in a kitchen as smoke from cooking could trigger false alerts. Instead of a smoke alarm a temperature extremes detector or heat alarm is recommended for the kitchen as this will automatically raise an alarm if the temperature reaches a level that suggests a fire has started. Click on the picture below to view telecare temperature extremes detectors

Induction cookers can be safer to use than gas or traditional electric hobs because they have no flames and the hob itself does not heat up, only the pan becomes hot. Induction cookers are also easy to clean because the cooking surface is flat and smooth, and food will not burn onto the cooking surface as it is not hot. Most induction hobs will also automatically turn off shortly after a saucepan is removed from the hob. However, you may need new saucepans as induction hobs require compatible saucepans.

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