Standing while using the toilet

Standing while using the toilet

If you prefer to stand when passing urine but are concerned about your balance you may wish to have a grab rail installed to the wall so you can hold on to it with one hand. However, you should consider whether you will be able to manage your clothing and complete your toileting with your other hand. A trouser clip can be used to stop your trousers falling to the floor.

As a general rule the rail would be installed vertically with the centre of the rail at fist height when you stand at the toilet with your elbow by your side and forearm at a right angle (Disabled Living Foundation, 2017) (see diagram).

This is a general guide only, the ideal location of the rail will depend on your individual size, reach and toilet location. Consequently you may wish to arrange an individual assessment with an occupational therapist or trusted assessor.

Further information

You could visit the toilet section of the AskSARA website which will guide you through questions about using your toilet and then offer relevant advice, toilet related product suggestions and supplier details.

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