Public toilets

Finding a public toilet that is accessible can be difficult especially if you are visiting an area you are unfamiliar with. Public toilets may be down or up steps or the cubicle/s may be cramped and not have any rails to support you. However, there are a number of organisations that provide resources and information that may help to direct you to accessible public toilets in your area.

Changing Places Consortium

The Changing Places Consortium campaign on behalf of the thousands of disabled people who cannot use standard accessible toilets including people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their carers. They campaign for 'Changing Places toilets'. These are toilets with enough space for disabled people and their carers, and the right equipment, including a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist. Thus these toilets are more than standard accessible toilets. The Changing Places Consortium website address is Their website includes a UK map of changing places toilets


RADAR is the UK's largest disability campaigning network. RADAR has a mission to 'enable individuals, networks and policy-makers to do things differently'.

The RADAR National Key Scheme (NKS) offers key holders access to around 8,000 locked accessible public toilets around the country. Although RADAR would prefer that providers of accessible toilets keep their toilets unlocked if possible the NKS may be necessary if the provider concerned has to keep the toilets locked to stop vandalism and misuse. For more information about the key scheme visit the RADAR National key scheme website. RADAR publish the national key scheme guide with listings of all RADAR Key Scheme toilets around the UK. RADAR keys cost from £3 excluding VAT (in 2017).

British Toilet Association

The British toilet association states that it aims to represent the interest and aspirations of 'away from home' toilet providers, suppliers and users of all types and to act as the catalyst for change in the pursuit of standards of excellence in all areas of public toilet provision and management.

B&BF Just Can't Wait toilet card

You might find that you have to rush to the toilet as soon as you feel the need to urinate and may 'leak' if you do not get to a toilet in time. This is called 'urge incontinence' and can be a particular problem when you are out and about and suddenly require a toilet that you can use. The Bowel and Bladder Foundation have produced the Just Can't Wait toilet card. You can show this card when you are out shopping or socialising and it may help you gain access to a toilet. The card states that the card holder has a medical condition which requires the urgent need of a toilet. Although the card does not guarantee you access to a toilet many places will be willing to help.

For more information visit the Bowel and Bladder Foundation Just cant Wait Toilet Card Page

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