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These pages provide advice and suggestions relating to walking and standing equipment. Click on the links to view the relevant advice.

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Assessment by an occupational therapist
Assessment by a physiotherapist

Buying Equipment
Buying equipment
Making complaints or reporting unsafe equipment

Case studies
Read about how Lorna and Paul became more independent with walking and standing and how a mobility scooter allowed Eric and Phillip to continue to access their community.

Equipment provision
Equipment provision through local authorities and direct payments

General advice on walking and standing equipment
Things to consider when choosing walking and standing equipment
Safe use of walking equipment
Benefits of standing frames
Walking frame brakes
Basic guidelines for the use of crutches

General advice on scooter and buggies
Things to consider when buying a scooter or buggy
Difference between class 2 and 3 scooters and buggies
Scooter maintenance and repairs
General tips for safe use of a scooter
Scooter batteries
Insurance and hire services

Further information
Useful links

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