Possible sources of help when no commercial equipment is available.

If you identify an activity that an item of equipment could help you with but the equipment is not available from any equipment supplier then there are several charities that may offer solutions where no 'off the shelf' solution exists.


DEMAND is an independent charity who design and manufacture bespoke, one-off items of equipment for disabled people, where no off the shelf solutions exist. They do not charge clients for their services. DEMAND also offer refurbished equipment for sale - the proceeds from the sales of these items goes directly towards their charity work. They also have a repair and refurbish service, and are able to recycle unwanted equipment, often using components for new products. Twenty five percent of their projects enabled people to participate in leisure activities.

Contact details:
Website: www.demand.org.uk
They have examples of their work on the Demands development and manufacture page.
Telephone: 01923 681800 (South) or 01484 666261 (North)


REMAP is a national charity, working through a network of volunteers. REMAP has 85 panels across England, Wales and northern Ireland, and helps over 3000 people with disabilities each year.The volunteers use their skills to help people with disabilities to achieve much-desired independence in some aspect of their lives, or to enjoy leisure opportunities. They do this by making unique, tailor-made pieces of equipment which are given free to the people who need them. REMAP do not take on projects where a ready-made solution can be obtained. The volunteer engineers often work with Occupational Therapists from social services to come up with a solution.

Contact details:
- www.remap.org.uk
- Remapedia is an on-line encyclopaedia of their work showing the variety of work REMAP are involved in.

- To find your nearest branch visit this link to the map of Remap

Childrens equipment

View our advice on organisations that may help develop equipment for children when no equipment is commercially available.

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