Terms and conditions

You agree:

You agree that the loan period is for two weeks. It cannot be extended or renewed.

You can only borrow one item at a time.

When we receive the item back, we can send you a different item if you wish. We will not send the same item out again.

You agree to either:

  • provide us (DLF) with a cheque for the value of the piece of equipment in question before the equipment is sent out. This cheque will only be cashed by us (DLF) if you fail to return the equipment at the end of the loan period and you can't provide proof of recorded delivery. If the equipment is returned we will inform you that we have received it and destroy the cheque or post it back to you - whichever you prefer. The cheque should be made out to "Disabled Living Foundation", and please write "Loan Library" at the back of the cheque.
  • use a credit/debit card to pay for the piece of equipment upfront (before receiving it). Once we have received the returned piece of equipment after the loan period we (DLF) will inform you that we have received it and reimburse you the full amount paid provided the equipment is not broken. If you do not return the piece of equipment to us and you cannot provide proof of recorded delivery you will not be reimbursed.

You agree to pay the return postage for recorded delivery and have it taken to a post office.

Providing you return the equipment as agreed the only cost it will incur to you is the postage required to send it back to us by Recorded Delivery - for the majority of our equipment this will be between £ and £. We strongly advise you keep the receipt for the Recorded Delivery safe until you have had confirmation from us that we have received the returned equipment.

If the item is not returned within three weeks of delivery to you we can charge you for it.

Equipment is sent to you by recorded delivery so we will know when you receive the it. You must return the item from a post office by recorded delivery. If the item is lost by Royal Mail you will be able to prove you sent it using the recorded delivery receipt/stub. This means we can take any reimbursement claims up with Royal Mail rather than you.

If we do not get the equipment back and you do not have proof of having sent it by recorded delivery we will not reimburse you for the lost product.

You agree to return the item, any accessories or batteries, its instructions and original packaging as supplied to you.

Should a piece of equipment break during the loan period you must phone 020 7432 8007 (option 5) or email (library@dlf.org.uk) to notify us of this as soon as possible so we can decide on how to solve this issue.

We, the DLF, commit:

To dispatch the item to you by recorded delivery within two working days of having received cheque or payment for the piece of equipment.

Your loan period starts only on the date you receive the piece of equipment.

To not pass your details to a third party.

Any email address or contact phone number provided will solely be used by us (DLF) and yourself to solve any practicalities in regards to borrowing the equipment - we will never give contact details to a 3rd party or use them for marketing purposes. The only potential exceptions are for practicalities regarding the loan, such as to enable the Royal Mail to investigate if an item goes missing in the post.

To provide help if you have any difficulties operating the piece of equipment you have received.

Occupational therapists will be available to try and help you troubleshoot any technical difficulties you may be experiencing with the piece of equipment you have borrowed. This support will be available Monday to Friday during office hours.

To provide an impartial list of suppliers from whom you can purchase the item if you so decide.

Borrowing any piece of equipment available through our library does not come with any obligation to buy, but we will provide you with a list of suppliers should you wish to purchase the equipment after having tried it. These suppliers are separate from Disabled Living Foundation whose only function within this library scheme will be as lender and adviser. As we are impartial we will give you the details of all supplier's that we list as supplying the item, you choose whom, if any, you contact. We will not give any supplier your details.

To destroy or return your cheque once we receive the returned item from you, or to reimburse you in full if you have paid in advance by credit/debit card.

To contact you after we receive the returned item to let you know it has been received and to ask for feedback.

As this is a new scheme we are keen to obtain feedback from users. After the item is returned to us we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your experience of trying the item so we can learn about your experience and thereby look at ways to improve this new service. We would appreciate it if you would complete the questionnaire but you can of course decline this.

For further details, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Should you have any questions about the library scheme or the equipment available for loan please contact us by phone 020 7432 8007 (option 5) or email library@dlf.org.uk

If you have general daily living equipment questions please contact our Help line on 0300 999 0004 (land line rate)

All advice is either supported by references (cited in the text) or is based upon peer reviewed professional opinion. Our advice is impartial and not influenced by sponsors or product suppliers listed on the site.
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