Useful Telecare-related links

Useful Telecare-related links Links to telecare related organisations and forums for further advice and information.

AT Dementia
The AT Dementia website aims to provide user-friendly information about assistive technology for people with dementia. A range of information on telecare is provided including product details, and advice about obtaining telecare.

London Telecare
London Telecare is the organisation representing the Telecare services operated by most of London's 32 boroughs. It is dedicated to advertising these services across London and the Home Counties, using a combination of posters, leaflets and exhibition materials.

You will find some useful information here, to help understand what Telecare is all about, and how you can access these services through your local Council.

Telecare Aware
The Telecare Aware website is a free information service to help keep readers up-to-date in what is happening in telehealth and telecare around the world.

TEIS - UK Telemedicine and E-health Information Service
The objectives of TEIS are to bring together those working in the field of telemedicine, telecare and e-health; to encourage them to share information and experience; and to provide an information resource on telemedicine activity in the UK.

The Telecare Knowledge Network
The Telecare Knowledge Network (TKN) provides a discussion forum for care providers, suppliers and academics (both through meetings and online).

Telecare LIN
The Telecare LIN is the national network supporting local service redesign through the application of telecare and telehealth to aid the delivery of housing, health, social care and support services for older and vulnerable people.

The Telecare Services Association (TSA)
The TSA is the representative body for the telecare industry in the United Kingdom. The TSA aims to promote and support the telecare industry and highlight the benefits of telecare for service users, their friends, family and carers,and service commissioners. The TSA has almost 300 members, including Local Authorities, Registered Social Landlords and private sector suppliers.

The TSA has developed a Code of Practice for its members which indicate that the service provider has undergone robust independent inspection, against a range of criteria accepted as the industry standard.

The TSA website is designed with different sections for professionals and service users. The service user section is intended to enable users, their carers and family to learn more about telecare and its providers. Individuals wishing to identify currently available services in their own area are able to use a find a Service page.

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