Suggestions to avoid rushing to answer the phone

Suggestions to avoid rushing to answer the phone

Consider having another phone installed upstairs, this could be a wired extension or wireless extension kits are available which enable you to add another phone socket without the need for any wiring.

You could use a cordless landline phone or a mobile phone and carry them with you up and down stairs (preferably in a pocket when your on the stairs so your hands are free to hold the banister / stair rail). However, both mobile and cordless phones need to be charged regularly.

You could use an answer machine so that if you do miss a call then the caller can leave a message and you can then get back to them when its convenient for you. Many service providers offer an answerphone service that does not require any additional devices, you simply dial a specific number to hear your messages. However, answer machine services such as BT's 1571 can reduce the time you have to answer a call as the answer machine answers the call after a certain number of rings. If you find this is causing you to miss calls you would otherwise reach in time then contact your service provider and ask them to remove your answerphone service.

You could use a caller display feature either on the phone or by buying an add on unit (pictured above). This will show you the telephone number of callers so you can ring them back when its convenient for you. View caller display units

Alternatively you could dial 1471 to find out the number of the last caller and ring them back when it's convenient for you.

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