Fixed bath hoists

Fixed bath hoists

Floor-fixed bath hoists may be operated either manually or electrically. They have a seat attached to a vertical column which slots into a base plate at the side or the end of the bath. The seat swivels and automatically to enable the person to safely transfer onto it from outside the bath. The seat is then raised so that it clears the bath rim and is lowered down into the bath. Using this equipment is one method of reducing the risk of a carer assisting a user to access the bath. The hoist has a maximum lowering capacity which for the average height bath would take the user near to the base of the bath.

The seat sizes of a bath hoist are limited to 410mm or 450mm width and 410mm depth. The weight limit ranges up to 127kg depending on the model. 1000mm clearance is required to provide the space for the seat to rotate.

Manual hoists are operated by a winding handle designed to be operated by a carer, although it may be possible for the bather to use some models independently.

Powered hoists use either mains electricity (which requires a power point outside the bathroom) or a rechargeable battery (that will need charging regularly). The controls may be operated independently by the bather using a handset.

An alternative equipment solution could be to use an overhead electric hoist or mobile hoist with a suitable sling. This would assume that the bath side can be cut to allow clearance for the hoist.

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