Wall-mounted bath boards

Wall-mounted bath boards

There are a limited range of wall-mounted bath boards available. Like standard bath boards they provide a platform for a user to sit on for over-bath showering, and may assist transfers into the bath. The user needs to sit on the board maintaining their balance without a backrest and lift their legs whilst turning to transfer his/her legs into the bath.

The board needs to be fixed securely to the wall. The board can be folded against the wall when not in use (e.g. to provide access for other members of the household). Some users feel these boards are more secure than removable bath boards and reduce the risk of user or carer error. Users may be able to manage this equipment independently as they don't need to lift and fit the equipment whenever they wish to bathe or store the board.

Most of the models fit baths upto 70cm wide and can safely extend a small amount beyond the width of the bath.

Try before you buy:

When considering bathing equipment an individual assessment with an occupational therapist may be appropriate, as your safety in your bathroom is very important. There may also be individual factors which determine which bathing equipment best suits your needs. The information on this site is not a substitute for individual assessment.

You could try out a bath board before purchase. Visit the Disabled Living Foundation's webpage on Equipment Demonstration Centres in the UK to find an equipment demonstration centre near you. The centres provide individuals with opportunities to view, and try, products and equipment and obtain information and advice from professional staff about equipment that may assist them.
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