Mysos Personal Safety Device With Emergency Service

Manufactured by Skyguard Ltd

DLF's summary

Mobile personal safety alarm with location monitoring.


  • alarm activated by holding down the central "SOS" button
  • when activated the device sends its location to an incident management centre
  • the incident management centre will follow agreed personalised emergency procedures which may include summoning the emergency services, the supplier's national response service or contacting an employer
  • two-way audio for user to speak to incident management centre when an alarm is raised or to a nominated mobile phone numbers
  • status LEDs indicating GPS availability, GSM connection and low battery warning
  • position reports record the user's location at a specific date and time and can be sent at regular configurable intervals or manually


  • MySOS with Emergency provides a pay-as-you-go SIM card and the ability to track the device by sending an SMS
  • MySOS with Emergency+ provides a contract SIM card with free 24/7 emergency calls to the incident management centre, five minutes of voice memo and test calls inclusive each month and the ability to track the device online


  • car charger
  • holster

Product dimensions

Communication Features
Signal mobile phone and satellite

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Head office
Emerald House
East Street
KT17 1HS

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04 May 2020

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Manufacturer's contact

Skyguard Ltd
Emerald House
East Street
KT17 1HS
0845 0360 999

Manufacturer's product description

The MySOS is Europe's smallest, lightest, and most discreet personal safety and tracking device that incorporates the latest GPS and GPRS technologies. Featuring mobile phone position request which enables you to see where the device is at any moment, as well as the SOS alarm function, this is the perfect solution for vulnerable individuals. MySOS is available in two packages; MySOS with Emergency service and MySOS Track and Call (see other listing for details), each designed to suit differing needs. MySOS with Emergency service Includes FREE 24/7 emergency calls to Skyguard's Incident Management Centre (IMC), plus five minutes of voice memo, test calls and speed dial calls to a nominated mobile number each month. Includes full use of our online customer portal, the Customer Service Centre. Here you can track the device online, run usage reports and updated your personal details. The MySOS device can also be tracked at anytime by simply sending it an SMS from a nominated mobile phone. A contract SIM card is included with the device, along with a User Guide, two lanyards, and quick reference keyring guide. The primary feature of the MySOS is the alarm function, which is activated by pressing the central SOS button. On activation, an alarm will be sent to Skyguard's Incident Management Centre (IMC) which opens a two-way voice call. At the IMC, our trained controllers know who you are, where you are, and what you do. They will be able to listen to you and your environment and talk to you, if it's safe to do so. They will assess your situation and follow your emergency escalation procedures. This could be contacting your employers or summoning the relevant emergency services if appropriate, and guiding them to your location. When signing-up to the service, you will be asked to provide each user's personal details and emergency escalation procedures. Our online Customer Service Centre (CSC) allows the User or Account Administrator to update these details in real-time, 24/7, so that any changes in their circumstances are immediately available. This information is made available to the controllers at our IMC during an emergency, so that they can get the right help to you.