Suresafe Talksafe With 24-7 Connect Monitoring Alarm

Manufactured by SureSafe Alarms
Priced from £200  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Monitoring alarm.


  • talking pendant, standard pendant and base unit
  • the pendant can be worn on the wrist or around the neck
  • battery operated
  • the talking pendant has a two-way communication
  • the standard pendant is designed to be waterproof
  • the base unit requires a connection to a telephone line and power socket
  • pendant has a 150m range in open air

Product dimensions

Pendant can answer telephoneYes

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Head office
Anfield Business Centre
58 Breckfield Road South
L6 5DR

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24 July 2020

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SureSafe Alarms 's name for this product is Suresafe Talksafe With 24-7 Connect Monitoring Alarm Their product code is: SS2005
From £200
Exc. VAT

Checked by DLF on 24 July 2020

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Manufacturer's contact

SureSafe Alarms
Anfield Business Centre
58 Breckfield Road South
L6 5DR
0808 503 3784

Manufacturer's product description

Introducing TalkSafe - the UK's only 24/7 monitored personal alarm for the elderly where you can talk to the response centre from wherever you are in your home or garden. Get the help you need quicker, and have the peace of mind knowing that help is on the way!

Using digital cordless technology in the TalkSafe pendant, when you activate your TalkSafe pendant you can talk to the response operative from wherever you are. No longer do you have to be near to the base unit in order to have two-way communication, you can now talk from the bathroom, the bedroom and even the garden.

Traditional alarm systems come with pendants that only allow you to activate the alarm remotely, if you are in a different room then you cannot tell the response centre what it wrong, or what type of help you need. With traditional alarm systems, when an alarm call is received and the response centre cannot speak to you e.g. because you are in the bathroom or garden, they then have to call nominated contacts who will need to come round to you house and check on you. Only then can an emergency 999 call be made.

This wastes valuable time in getting the help you need, delaying calling an ambulance for you. This delay can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even over an hour by the time a nominated contact can get to you, to check on you.
Do you have that time to waste when you fall, or have a stroke or a heart attack? Studies show that the faster you get medical attention following an incident, the more likely you are to make a full and fast recovery.

The benefits of TalkSafe include:
an ambulance can be called within seconds as you can tell the response centre what is happening immediately, from wherever you are
quicker access to medical attention is proven to result in a greater likelihood of a fast and full recovery
you are no longer reliant on nominated contacts to come to your house and check on you before an ambulance is called
you can have peace of mind knowing that your call has been answered and help is on the way. There is a friendly voice at the other end of your TalkSafe pendant.
our trained response operatives can give you advice, and keep you calm, while you wait for an ambulance to arrive - through the pendant
reduce false alarms as the response centre can talk to you from wherever you are in the home

24/7 monitoring from SureSafe's trained response operatives
Talking pendant for two-way communication
Talking pendant does not require recharging (it is replaceable). Battery life 5 years based on 3 minutes use per month.
Water resistant standard pendant for use while in the shower
Massive 150m pendant range (in open air)
Easy to set up

Base unit (requiring connection to telephone line and power socket)
Talking pendant (not water resistant)
Standard pendant (water resistant - for use in the shower)