Memrabel 2i Daily Memory Prompting Aid

Manufactured by Medpage Ltd T/A Easylink UK
Priced from £167  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Daily memory prompting aid.


  • designed to help family members and carers to stay in touch with a person and help then organise their day
  • alarm prompts can be set up
  • installed with a range of over 100 reminder videos, voice memos and picture files
  • reminders can be displayed alongside photos, videos or audio recordings
  • personalised recorded videos, voice messages, calendar appointments, photos and texts can be sent from a smartphone to the prompting aid
  • choice of time and date display
  • range of background and text colours
  • home broadband is required where the prompting aid is to be located
  • the family member or carer will need an Android smartphone with internet connection to operate

Product dimensions

Max. message length60seconds

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04 July 2018

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Manufacturer's contact

Medpage Ltd T/A Easylink UK
3 Melbourne House
Corby Gate Industrial Park
Priors Haw Road
NN17 5JG
01536 264869

Manufacturer's product description

When people are forced to live independently life brings new challenges, especially when failing memory complicates daily living. Friendly memory prompts at selected times of the day can greatly assist a person to plan their day, remember to take medications, eat, drink, and remember appointments etc.

Record and send video reminders to MemRabel 2i

Record and send voice memos to MemRabel 2i

Take photos, add text and send to MemRabel 2i

With MemRabel 2i you can create and send reminder memory prompting alarms, send greetings, videos, photos and calendar appointments over the internet using the MemRabel 2i Smartphone APP. Creating personalised reminders has never been so easy with the MemRabel 2i APP on your Smartphone.

When you live or work away from parents or relatives needing care support, MemRabel 2i provides a convenient way to stay in touch and to help plan a person's daily routine and keep them organised. MemRabel 2i (in conjunction with other products) can be also be used for assisted home automation and home safety and well-being checks.