MemRabel Memory Loss Aid

Manufactured by Medpage Ltd T/A Easylink UK
Priced from £189  (Inc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Memory aid that can record and play back four individual messages at set times or when triggered by external sensors.


  • the four daily alarms can be selected for playback at the same time every day, or weekly
  • 12 seconds recording time for each alarm message
  • message repeats for three, six or nine minutes or until stop button is pressed
  • three volume levels
  • icons display for night or day
  • one stereo jack input socket, two relay outputs
  • wall mounting bracket


  • external sensors available including bed and chair occupancy sensors, floor pressure mats, magnetic door switches

Product dimensions

Max. number of messages4
Max. message length12seconds
No. of alarm times5

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Manufacturer's contact

Medpage Ltd T/A Easylink UK
3 Melbourne House
Corby Gate Industrial Park
Priors Haw Road
NN17 5JG
01536 264869

Manufacturer's product description

Medpage Limited have been asked frequently in the past to develop a simplistic time piece to aid people with dementia. The brief was to provide a clock that clearly display the time using an large icon of a moon for night time hours and a sun for daytime hours so that a person could relate to the time of day without confusion. The day of week and date also to be very clear in a large display. The ability to play recorded messages at specific times to remind the person of events or daily tasks, such as taking medicine, turning lights on or off, locking doors when going to bed or remembering to eat in the case of a diabetic person was also a major prerequisite. The time piece should also have simplistic memo recorders to enable simple personal reminders to be recorded for playback. Remembering to telephone a doctor, relative or care worker, remembering a telephone number or important messages can be very stressful for a person with dementia. Last but by no means least, the product should have an emergency alarm option that would be capable of informing a live-in carer or raise an emergency alert to a person by telephone if a reminder message was not acknowledged within a given time period, an assumption that the person could be in need of assistance.

Medpage Limited contacted Telecare professionals, Occupational Therapists and Dementia specialists to ask for their input/feedback and attended several dementia conferences, including the annual Dementia conference at Harrogate 2009. The data obtained from our research has been implemented in the design of this new product.

MemRabel at first glance looks like a conventional alarm clock with its stylish lines and basic looking appearance. The extra large display (100mm x 95mm) shows the time, date and day of the week with large black characters against an orange background. MemRabel is so much more than an alarm clock.

MemRabel has been designed to help people with Dementia, people with learning disabilities or people with cognitive limitations to associate daylight and night time hours with the time of day. A symbol of the sun is used for daytime with a symbol of the moon for night time hours. The MemRabel is equipped with voice recording technology that is used to record up to four voice memos of up to 12 seconds. The MemRabel has easily programmable software that allows up to four time reminders to be set. A recorded memo can be selected for playback at any of the four available time reminders. Remember to take your medication, Make an appointment with the Doctor etc. Visual memory aid icons can be assigned to the time reminder that flashes on the screen. Icons for Medicine, food, telephone or alarm clock. The time reminders can be set for one-time playback, hourly, same time each day, same time each week